Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccination available

Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccination available at Montrose
Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccinations are now available at Montrose Medical Practice. If you do not have a Medicare card, please book your vaccination at one of the NSW health vaccination hubs. 
First and Second Dose of Pfizer: children aged 5-11 and people aged 12 years and above. Children are required to have two doses of the paediatric vaccine, given 8 weeks apart.
Third/Booster Dose of Pfizer: 
-  Immunocompromised people may be eligible to receive a third/booster dose 2 months after the second dose. People will be required to bring evidence of eligibility from your treating doctor
-  People who are aged 18 years and older are eligible for a third/booster dose 4 months after the second dose
First and Second Dose of AstraZeneca: people aged 18 years and above
How to book?
Bookings can only be made online through our online booking portal on our website. If you cannot find an available appointment online, this means the available slots have been taken - please check again regularly. Appointments will be opened up as soon as we receive more covid-19 vaccines. Alternatively, you may also find the next available COVID vaccination for Pfizer or Moderna on the NSW government websitePlease do not ring the practice as we cannot take any COVID-19 vaccination bookings over the phone and waiting lists are not available.
If you have booked your first dose with us and cannot find the next available appointment time for your second dose, please be reassured that we will book your second dose after you attend your first dose appointment. 
What do you need to bring for your appointment?
-  For all covid-19 vaccination bookings, a consent form will be emailed to you once an appointment has been made and confirmed. Please fill out this form online before your appointment time. 
-  All individuals will be required to present their valid Medicare card details. If you are coming to the practice for the second or third/booster dose, your current COVID vaccination record will also be required.
-  Immunocompromised people who are eligible to receive the third/booster dose,  please bring in evidence from your treating doctor. 

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